China... Home of the High Speed Rail

China did not invent the high speed rail, but they certainly have come to embrace it the most. The bullet trains that operate in China can reach speeds of up to 300km/hr (which I got the opportunity to experience first hand) and there are plans for over 40,000km of track by 2015 (the most in the world). The plans would probably be even higher, but a fatal crash happened earlier in the year (due to faulty construction and corrupt officials) and the expansion drastically reduced. Regardless of the incident, high speed rail is still the primary method for long distance travel in China. In many instances, it is more efficient and safer than airline travel. Although, your ears actually "pop" a lot more on the train.

All in all, it's a pretty impressive feat (wish we had better trains in the US).

I thought hacky sack ended in the 90s??
Waiting for our "bullet train"
Can someone translate? 
Airplane terminal or train terminal?

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