Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I leave you with this stereotypical image from Southern California. As the day ends, I hope everyone can look back on 2011 with fond memories... and look forward to 2012 with new hopes and excitement.

A Frigid Barrel

You may not believe your eyes, but this shot was actually taken in New Hampshire... and yes, that is a barrel. A cold front had passed through the area and it left us with about a half day of swell. I got to New Hampshire in the early afternoon and immediately went to a "semi-secret" spot (that's not really a secret). I really only refer to it as a secret spot because it hardly ever breaks well... and no one bothers to check it on most days. Anyways, the wave was breaking quite well this day and was actually barreling at take off. The water was cold, but no one was out... fun times! As with most swells in the Northeast, it was extremely short lived... and this spot was completely flat the next morning.

Puddle of Leaves

As I was walking along the Charles River, I noticed a puddle of leaves under one of the trees. I loved all of the colors mixed together and the light shining down upon it. Thought it looked pretty cool.

Tilted Reflection

As I was walking down the pathway to JFK Park in Harvard Square, I took this image of a puddle. I really liked the color and the reflection. Photo taken in late November. If I recall correctly, it was actually quite warm out today. If this puddle was still here today, it would be pure ice.

Reflections and Water

Was trying to play with the shadows and create a "moody" feel for this picture. I like how it came out. This particular picture was taken back in November towards the end of the fall season. The John W Weeks Footbridge is in the background (construction had just started).

"Back Lit" New Hampshire

I took this photo towards the end of the day at a "semi-secret" surf spot in New Hampshire (can't consider surf spots to be fully secret when they have names and a parking lot). Regardless, this spot only breaks well when the waves are overhead in size (which does not happen to often). There are a bunch of jagged rocks and boils on the inside... and the waves need to be big enough to clear the rocks. Anyways, I liked the lighting and color of this photo. Thought it looked unique.

Charles River Sunset

The sun was setting behind me in this picture... and it created a gradient effect on the skyline above the Charles River. The Zakim bridge is in the background.


Random street scene in Chicago... liked how the SKYY Vodka ad lit up the area around it.

Shorts Sands Symmetry

Nothing too special about this image... I just liked the symmetry and angles that the sidewalk and lampposts made. Photo was taken at a little beach community in York, Maine (Short Sands).

End of Day Beach Scene

The end of the day at little cove in Maine. I really liked the deep blue color of the sky.

Low Tide and Washed Up Objects

When there is a big swell, you can always find interesting things washed up on the rocks during low tide. Here we have a busted up lobster trap (which is a common site in Maine... not so common in the rest of the world though). I don't think this will be catching any lobsters again.

Cape Neddick - Lobster Pound

The Lobster Pound at Cape Neddick in Maine. I loved the vibrant color of all the buoys on the side of the building.

The Coastal Marshes of Maine

An interesting thing about New England (when you compare it to more heavily populated areas down south or in California) is that most towns decided not to destroy the coastal marshes. They make for some beautiful view points, but also play an important role in preserving local wild life (although I did see two guys walking around with shotguns this day) and filtering water after a storm. In California, the rule of thumb was to wait 2-3 days after a storm before going back in the water to surf (unless the waves were really good. In New England, you can surf immediately after (or during) a storm with no issues.

Beach Plants

For some reason, there are always interesting plants at the beach (that you don't see anywhere else). They seem to be a bit tougher and grittier than the normal plants. Here is one such example of a plant found on the beaches of Maine.

Driftwood & Rope

Relaxing on the rocks overlooking Long Sands beach in York, ME... enjoying the sunset after a long day of surfing and eating lobster.

The No Fun Zone

Driving along the coastal route in Maine, there are many beautiful little beaches tucked away. However, most of them are covered with "NO TRESPASSING" signs. There are no surf at any of the beaches (that I know of)... so I don't really care to go to them. However, I've never agreed with the concept of owning a beach. I think they should be open to the public (although, I guess if I owned property next to a world class surf spot, I wouldn't mind making it private for myself).

The Golden Hour at York Beach

After a long day of surfing, it's nice to kick back and watch a beautiful sunset. These photos taken at York Beach, ME. There was a very thin layer of clouds along the horizon... and as the sun started to set, it made those clouds glow. I thought it was pretty incredible.

Beach Day - York, ME

I heard that there would be fun surf on Saturday... so decided to drive up to Maine for the day. The waves weren't as big as I had hoped (chest to head high). However, the weather was very nice for an early December day (upper 40s and sunny). Yes, the water is rather cold (in full wetsuit with gloves, hood, and booties)... but not quite as cold as it will be in January. I was actually kind of hot when I first got in.

The Prudential Glows

A late afternoon around Fenway. I looked up and there was this big ray of light reflecting against the Prudential Building. I thought it was pretty cool.
(photo taken a few weeks ago)