Rock Dancing

Some local fisherman catching dinner at Rancho Santana. 

A Late Morning Jog

Not the best day of my trip in terms of wave height... but it certainly was a beautiful morning. The sky was crystal clear and the offshore winds were creating a misty effect on top of the ocean's surface. It looked like the water was glowing.

The Seventh Day of Sunsets

Sunset - Day 7. A fitting end to the Nicaraguan holiday. A calming palette of color as the sun dipped below the horizon. 

Sunset, Dusk, and Night

Sunset - Day 4. These 3 photos were taken within 30 minutes of each other. It's amazing how quickly the scenery can change... and how quickly the sun goes to sleep during the winter months.

A Dragon's Flame

Sunset - Day 3. Not the most spectacular sunset of the trip, but still incredibly beautiful. It almost looked like a dragon was floating through the sky...

Sunset - Day 2

Not the most spectacular sunset of the trip... but I loved the blue shades in the sky (and in our "plunge pool").

Enter the Darkness

After a long day of travel (bus ride, 2 airports, and a long/bumpy drive), this was my reward. We arrived at the Ventana a las Olas villa (in Nicaragua) just as the sun had dipped below the horizon. I quickly took this shot before the darkness took over. 

Nicaragua - Surf, Sun, Naps, and Food

These 4 photos pretty much sum up my trip to Nicaragua (just missing a food picture)... fun surf, incredible sunsets, relaxing vibes, and beautiful scenery.

I had not been to Nicaragua for about 8 years and A LOT has changed. The infrastructure has improved dramatically (better roads, more consistent power, etc), the government has stabilized (no protests this time), and the country has spent quite a bit to encourage tourism. The last time I visited, I stayed at Playa Montelimar (close to the capital of Managua)... and I did not see another surfer my entire trip. This time I went further south and stayed at Rancho Santana. It was a bumpy 3+ hour drive from the airport, but it was worth it! My adventurous parents flew down flew down with me and we stayed at an amazing villa called "Ventana a las Olas" (courtesy of Waterways). The villa was perched on top of a hill overlooking Playa Santana. We saw some of the most incredible sunsets from the patio and enjoyed delicious, freshly cooked meals every night (lobster, fresh fish, pork, steak, and even a Thanksgiving dinner!!!!).

The great thing about this part of the country is that the wind blows offshore for 300+ days of the year!.. and there were about 15 different surf spots within a 15 mile radius (I surfed about 6 of them). There is everything from hollow beach breaks, to rivermouths, to cobblestone reefs, to scary outer reef breaks. Something for everyone!

La Fin!

The final posting from my trip to Paris last summer. It took a while to go through all of the photos, but it was nice to re-live the experience. Hope you enjoyed the photos! (next photos will be from trip to Nicaragua)

The Basement Cafe

Second to last photo posting from my last trip to Paris. I loved this little cafe in the 1st Arrondissement. It looks almost as if the building has been lifted up one level... and the basement has become the first floor. The contrast of textures were really cool. 

Miscellaneous Parisian Architecture

Love the old Parisian Architecture!... random shots from around the city.