Looking Up???

Went for a walk around the city of Boston... and took a series of shots "looking up" at the various buildings. I thought it gave a different perspective on the downtown area.

Holding Us Prisoner

I'm definitely not an overly political person, but I thought that the symbolism represented by this picture was appropriate (given that there is still a chance the US could default on debt).

Shown in the background is the Boston State House... and in the foreground, you have bars that surround the building. In looking at this picture, it conveys the sense that the government is holding us prisoner. I thought it came out pretty interesting.

Autumn Sunset

These were some photos I took during the start of the fall season last year... looking at the city of Boston from on top of Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, MA. I loved the subtle colors in the sky. It almost looked like it was painted in.

The Bridge at Harvard

A nice view of the John W Weeks Bridge in Cambridge, MA... connects the Harvard campuses.

Sunset Along the Charles

 Standing along the banks of the Charles River watching the sunset.

Tron Comes to Harvard Square

Maybe it's because I just saw the movie... but this picture kind of reminded me of Tron. I'm on the grid!

Time-Lapse Video - Sunset Over the Charles

Attempting to do a time-lapse video for the first time... watching the sunset over the Charles. I learned a few things during the process:
1. Invest in a good tripod
2. Buy a cable release so I can take pictures without touching the camera
3. Use manual settings the entire time
4. iMovie sucks at importing still images (destroys the image quality)
5. I need to find some original music to use in the background

Anyone have suggestions for a video editor I can use to make time lapse videos?? (other than iMovie)

Some still shots from the sunset below:

Ghosts On the Train

I was sitting outside the Harvard Square train stop on Saturday evening (eating Pinkberry)... and noticed a lot of people coming in and out of the train station. I had my camera with me and thought it would be cool to attempt doing a long exposure. Unfortunately, I didn't have a tripod... but tried balancing my camera on top of the railing. A couple of the shots came out pretty cool. Although, I did get a lot of weird looks from the people walking by (just pretended I didn't speak English).

Time-lapse Video - The Wave at Las Flores

A short time-lapse video featuring the wave at Las Flores. The resort I was staying at had a little happy cocktail hour on top of this cliff overlooking the ocean. As I was drinking fresh coconut juice + rum, I sent my camera up to take some pictures of the surf. The wave looks pretty good in the video, but this was actually the smallest day of the trip. 

365 Days of Photos In One Image

I created a photo collage documenting all of the photos I posted during the last 365 days... hope you enjoyed!

Now that I'm done with the project, I want to try something different... don't know what that is yet. Also not too sure if I'm going to stay with blogger or test out another service such as WordPress. For the time being, I'll probably continue posting to this blog.

July 22, 2011

The last photo of my "365 Days of Photos" project (wasn't sure I was going to make it to the end). This has been quite a year. I've traveled to 10 different countries, surfed in exotic places all over the world, eaten strange things, and have met some incredible people that have become good friends.
I thought it was fitting to end this blog with a picture of my family. My parents have done so much fo me over the years. There's no way that I can possibly repay them. Thank you mom and dad!

This photo was taken by our crazy car driver during a recent trip to El Salvador. My mom is quite the traveler... always planning a trip somewhere. I think I picked up the "travel bug" from her. The lake in the background is the crater of a (non-active) volcano... Laguna de Alegria.

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with this blog now that I've completed the 365 days. I definitely will keep taking photos. However, I think I need to do a bit of a re-design... Anyone have any suggestions?

By the way, it's also my 30th birthday today... I'm getting old!

June 20, 2011

Enjoying a summer day along the Charles. Photo was taken from the Mass Ave Bridge... looking towards Beacon HIll. You can tell it's summer because of all the sailboats in the water.

July 18, 2011

My last set of photos from El Salvador. I went for a drive up one of the volcanoes and ended up at this little town of Alegria. It was amazing how much the temperature changed as we got to the top of the volcano... I was actually a bit chilly. Because the temperature was cooler, they were able to grow a much wider variety of flowers. Alegria is a very rustic/old fashioned and it had amazing views of the surrounding countryside. If you're in the area, I recommend getting an AWD vehicle and making a trip to the top.

July 16-17, 2011

Looking at the surf spot (Las Flores) while eating lunch.
Some additional photos from my trip to El Salvador. Definitely had a great trip... friendly locals, great food, amazing surf, and a beautiful countryside. I'm really going to miss waking up to the sound of the ocean every day.

Surfer exiting water after a long session... exhausted but completely content.
Looking down at the Las Flores resort from on top a hill (in the jungle). The massive amount of plant life definitely helped shade the resort and keep things cool. 

Surfing - El Salvador

Pictures of me surfing at Las Flores (in El Salvador). Amazing surf spot- rides over150-200m, sand bottom, friendly locals, no crowd... couldn't ask for much more.

July 15, 2011

Went for a drive around El Salvador... and ended up inside a volcano. It was kind of "spooky". The tips of the hills were covered in fog/clouds... and the park was completely deserted. The lake in the middle doesn't look like much, but it actually goes hundreds of feet down.