Sunset Hike Part VIII - "La Fin"

Love the glow of the sky after the sun dips below the horizon. However, about 30 seconds after I took this photo, I realized that I had to hike back down the mountain without a light (other than the glow from my cell phone)... made for an interesting end to the evening. It was worth it though!

Sunset Hike Part VII - "One Last Gasp"

One last breathe before submerging beneath the ocean...

Getting Inspired at Inspiration Point

Santa Barbara has some of the best hiking trails in California... and one of my favorites is less than 10 minutes from my apartment: Inspiration Point.

Inspiration Point is probably one of the easiest trails to climb (part of it is paved). However, you still work up a bit of a sweat as you make your ascent. At the end of the trail, you tower above the city of Santa Barbara and have an amazing view of the surrounding area... city, ocean, mountains, sky, sun.

I was trying to take a picture that best represents Santa Barbara... and in looking through my photos, I thought this was one of the best I had. Hope you enjoy! 

Waking Up in Santa Barbara

This photo kind of summarizes why I enjoy waking up at the crack of dawn to immerse myself in the cold ocean... introducing the Santa Barbara coastline. 

Sunset at Hammonds

I wanted to see a bit of sunshine this evening (rainy day in Santa Barbara)... so I decided to look through some photos I took while at Hammonds Beach a few weeks ago. This particular day was also a bit stormy. However, the clouds cleared a few hours before the sun went down and it made for a beautiful sunset. These photos were taken after I had just finished a surf session. There was a cold/gusty breeze blowing and my toes were numb. However, I decided to stick around for a moments as the sun dipped below the skyline. My car's heater felt awesome as I drove back home.