The Golden People of the Golden State

I went for an evening surf session at Rincon (aka "The Queen of the Coast") and decided to put my new camera lens (Tamron 18-270mm) to work after I finished surfing. I love the different perspectives that you can get with the increased zoom. These photos definitely support California's nickname as "The Golden State"!

Behind Open Windows

A lone man waits in the Star Ferry terminal as the metropolis of Hong Kong towers over him in the background. 

The Metropolis - II

In my previous post, I showed some images of Hong Kong from the rooftops. The images in this post were taken over the same couple of days... but from a different perspective (at sea level). All of the shots were taken while on the Star Ferry or while waiting to board the Star Ferry. Looking back at these images, I'm still shocked to see how crisp/clean the air is. There will be days when you can barely see across the harbour.

The Metropolis - I

During a trip to Asia last year, I had a layover in Hong Kong... and was lucky enough to be there on one of the clearest days of the year! Therefore, I made my way to some of my favorite rooftop bars and took some photos. I don't think I will ever get sick of looking at these views.

Man Mo Temple - Sheung Wan

I was looking through some of my old photo albums and noticed these photos I took while traveling in Hong Kong. I was wandering around the streets in Central and stumbled across a temple on Hollywood Rd - Man Mo Temple. My primary reason for going inside was to escape the dreadful heat. However, once inside, I found a very inviting and peaceful environment. Pausing for a moment under the giant hanging incense coils was a pleasant contrast from the hectic pace of the surrounding area.

An Evening at Butterfly Beach - Chapter V (the end)

As I made my way back to the warmth of my car, I took one last glimpse at the ocean. The sun only showed itself for about 45 minutes this day... but it was a memorable 45 minutes. I hope you enjoyed the slide show! 

An Evening at Butterfly Beach - Chapter IV

The sun has retreated behind the clouds... but the sky and ocean continue to glow. I loved the silhouette of the palm trees in the background. At this point, I was getting quite cold and was looking forward to joining my surfboards in the warm car. 

An Evening at Butterfly Beach - Chapter III

This was my last glimpse of the sun that evening... it looked as if the sun was shooting rays of light into the ocean as the clouds forced its retreat. As quickly as the sun peaked out, it disappeared again. 

An Evening at Butterfly Beach - Chapter II

After I saw the sun peak out from behind the fog, I walked back up the beach. Everything started to turn gold as the sun neared the horizon. For this shot, I was trying to show the reflection in the water... and the cold ocean water surged forward as I approached it (my feet felt like ice blocks). However, I think the photograph was worth the temporary pain. 

An Evening at Butterfly Beach - Chapter I

I went for a late afternoon surf at Rincon several weeks ago. The waves were small, the water was cold, it was windy, and I was surrounded by fog... definitely not the best conditions. I only stayed out for about an hour (had just wanted to go for a paddle). As I was leaving the parking lot and getting onto the freeway to head north, I noticed a clearing in the fog... It seemed to be getting pushed out to sea. Since I had my camera with me, I decided to head to another beach and take some photos (hoping to see a sunset). I parked my car and started to walk down the beach. As I neared the end of the path, I noticed that the sun had peaked out from behind the clouds....