If you look closely, you will see the tip of a surfboard coming out of the barrel. I'm sure this guy was grinning for the next few days...

Finding the Right Key

One lucky surfer finds some shade on a draining section at the Cove.

The Long Walk to the Top

When good, the wave at Rincon is so long that you catch a wave in Santa Barbara and ride it to Ventura... yes, the county line does bisect the point. However, the point I'm trying to make is that it is a VERY long ride. After catching one of these rides, a surfer makes the long walk back to the top of the point to do it all over again! It's one of the places where your legs can get as much of a work out as your arms. 

Big Saturday - Part III

Two shots from "The Queen of the Coast" (aka Rincon) just as the wind had switched and the rain departed. The tide was quite low this evening... and the surf was big (but not huge). This was the probably the best I've ever seen Rincon break. Also, I think a lot of people were scared of the rain (or didn't know that the conditions became good)... and it was relatively uncrowded for a period of time. In my opinion, it's worth getting a little sick for waves like this.

Big Saturday - Part II

Mussel Shoals (aka Little Rincon) doing its best impression of its big sister just up the coast. It was amazing to watch the lines wrap in from around the pier. Some of the bigger sets would break just outside of the pier and steamroll their way down the point (the photos only capture about half of the wave's length). I wish this spot would break like this more than a couple times per year!

Big Saturday - Part I

A few weeks ago, a big storm came through Southern California (here is some video footage of waves crashing into Santa Barbara's pier). It was our first significant rain of the season... and it lasted for a few days. With the storm came strong winds and a plenty of rain. As the rain subsided, I decided to emerge drive down to the beach to take some photos of the waves. I was expecting to see "victory at sea" conditions. However, as soon as I got down to the beach, the winds shifted... and the stormy seas turned into nicely groomed groundswell. These are a few shots of a spot that rarely breaks. I think a few people might recognize the pier in the background.