La Fin

A sunset to mark the end of lovely long weekend in Santa Barbara. 

One Last Wave

A surfer exits the water after catching one final wave before night settles in. 

Low Tide, Rocks, & Setting Sun

A few photos taken at a rocky beach in Santa Barbara. I was trying to show more detail in the rocks, but it was difficult given the low lighting. I still think the photos came out decent though.

Color, Reflections, & Light

Sometimes, those 3 little elements (color, reflections, & light) can come together in just right way. This photo was taken right as the sun had dipped below the horizon. The tide was very low and there was a bit of swell in the water. As shadows slowly crept in, there was a faint glow on the surface of the wet sand. 

Chasing the Sunset on the 101

On a Sunday afternoon, I was making the drive from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and decided to stop in Ventura for a quick surf. The waves were on the small side, but it was a nice break from the monotonous driving. Just as I got out of the water, the sun was starting to go down. It was one of those crisp winter evenings where you could see for miles. I took a few photos before I left C Street and started driving north again on the 101. Because the air was so crisp, the sky continued to glow for at least an hour after the sun went down. These are a few photos I took between Ventura and Santa Barbara on my way home. Love the California coast!

Sunset at C Street

California Street (aka C Street or Ventura Point or Surfers Point) is one of my favorite (and most consistent) surf spots around Santa Barbara. C Street is a series of point breaks that offer a variety of waves depending on your ability level. Apparently, this spot used to be heavily "localized" and outsiders were not welcome. However, after the city built a parking lot and boardwalk, it became a lot easier to access... and you will see many different types of characters in and out of the water. It's a fun place to hang out on a summer afternoon... and the surf can get epic on a long period northwest swell. I took these photos after an evening surf session (waves were rather small). The tide was very low this day (during high tide, the rocks will be completely covered).

The Wonderful World of Santa Barbara - "The Pier"

When I first visited Santa Barbara, the pier was one of the first places I went. However, I've only gone back a few times since I've moved here (and the times I've gone have been to take people visiting from out of town). It's a bit touristy... but there are some decent restaurants (recommend the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company) and it's a beautiful place to hang out and watch the sunset. These are a few photos I took from a somewhat recent walk.