September 16, 2010

The view from the self-proclaimed '7 star' OYC Hotel (aka mosquito hotel). It's actually quite a breathtaking view when it's not too smoggy. However, the OYC is just a super weird hotel. It is either completely filled with people or completely empty. Apparently, it hosts some government functions (which causes it to get full). When it's empty, it feels like a reenactment of "The Shining"... because it's just so massive and creepy. A few of the creepy things listed below:
-In order to get to the gym area, you need to go through a giant/underground maze that leads you past a "cavernous pool" (a pool designed to look like you're in a cave). When you get to the end, they have a large cafeteria set up that is always empty.
-The breakfast buffet has a giant fish tank in the middle of it... with a woman swimming in a mermaid costume.
-There's a slight mosquito problem in the rooms... because the maids are kind enough to turn off your air conditioning and open your doors when you leave for the day (which can also cause your sheets to get damp if it's humid enough outside).

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