Best photos of 2010!!

In thinking about the new year, it's caused me to reminisce about what I've experienced over the past 12 months... and acknowledge how lucky I've been to travel to some amazing places and see some amazing sites. Below is a collection of my favorite photographs from 2010.

 The sun setting on Puntarenas in Costa Rica.

A piece of driftwood at the river mouth of Boca Barranca (I thought it was a crocodile when I first saw it). Boca Barranca is the 2nd longest lefthand point break in the world. I got the longest rides of my life here.

London bridge. It was a very cold/misty evening... and I waited in the Starbucks at the corner until the sun went down so I could capture this image.

Kind of an abstract shot of some homes next to Union Square. I really like the color and texture of this image.

 Flowers on the side of an old art gallery in Portsmouth, NH.

My own private sandbar in the Maldives. It took me about 25 minutes to paddle over in this kayak... totally worth it. I was in the middle of the ocean all by myself. Amazing.

Looking at one of the many islands in the Maldives... right as the sun was about to go down. Look at how crystal clear the water is.

A nice fall image taken somewhere in New England.

The city of Boston as the sun was setting. A chilly fall evening. Image taken from a secret spot somewhere in Arlington.

At one of the reservoirs next to Storrow Drive in the Back Bay. It was a beautiful fall day and I was just cruising around on my bike. You can see the Prudential building in the background.

A beautiful summer afternoon in Boston. Lots of sailboats out in the Charles River. This is kind of a classic "Boston skyline" shot... with the Prudential Center and John Hancock building on both sides.

A chilly winter morning in Harvard Square.

A beautiful sunset along the Charles River in Harvard Square. The sky turned gold.

Another insane sunset that I saw. This was taken on a beautiful fall day in New Hampshire. It almost looked like the town was on fire. 

Just looking at the amazing colors in the sky. It was cool to watch the planes writing in the sky.

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam... cool contrast of old vs. new.

The most breathtaking skyline in the world... Hong Kong. This image was taken during Christmas time... so you will notice special Christmas decorations on the buildings.

Anse de Marcel in Sint Maarten. A lovely evening.

At Maho Bay in Sint Maarten... watching the planes land  at Princess Juliana airport.

Seeing yet again another amazing sunset at Grande Case in Sint Maarten. Grande Case is definitely the culinary capitol of the Caribbean... had some amazing dinners there.

This is one of my favorite surf spots in Bali... Echo Beach (in Canggu). Some really fun waves towards the middle of the beach. Also happened to have a very nice sunset.

Awe inspiring sunset at Seminyak Beach in Bali.

The sun setting over rice fields near Ubud (in Bali)

Christmas time!... sitting back next to the fire as the Christmas tree glows.

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