Quebec City - Historical Stuff (statues, monuments, churches, & goats)

One of the outer walls of the Citadelle of Quebec. Quebec City was the site of many battles between the French, British, and Americans. The Citadelle of Quebec was built by the British as protection against the Americans (and it worked). Quebec City was in a strategic position on the St. Lawrence River and whoever owned Quebec City owned the trade moving up and down the river. 

The official mascot of the 22 Regiment (The Van Doos). The goat is a decedent from the one presented by Queen Elizabeth II as a sign of toughness and courage.

The Plains of Abraham... famous for the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (Battle of Quebec). The battle was the culmination of a 3 month siege by the British. It only lasted 15 minutes and was won by the British. This marked the end of France's occupation of Quebec City (which later influenced the creation of Canada).

One of the cannons guarding the city of Quebec City (was never actually used in battle).

The slits in the walls were used by fighters to easily gun down enemy combatants. 

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