Motorbike Life - Ho Chi Minh City

Motorbikes are the primary mode of transportation for the majority of Ho Chi Minh City's population. Even if someone had the financial means to purchase a car, it's more likely than not that they also own a motorbike. The city's infrastructure & roads just do not support cars... It is much too crowded and poorly maintained. I keep hearing about a highway and a subway system that are supposed to be built, but I haven't seen any sort of construction in the works.

Anyways, when I visited Vietnam, I was lucky enough to be stuck in a car for 2+ hours per day (sarcasm). Instead of sleeping or listening to music, I decided to challenge myself and take photos of the most ridiculous motorbike situations I saw. Since the motorbike is the main (or only) form of transportation for most people, they find ways to transport what they need to transport... whether it be families of 5, giant tires, steel beams, or propane tanks. The skills of these drivers was quite impressive. What amazed me even more was that I failed to see an accident my entire trip.

Next time I go, I should either rent a motorbike or helicopter...

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