Last Night in Boston - Sunset, Night, & Dawn

This series of photos was taken from my hotel room (in the Hilton) during my last night in Boston. I remember the evening quite well... had my last dinner in the North End with a really good friend and ate my last tiramisu at Mike's Pastry. I was sad to be leaving friends and work colleagues, but was also excited to move back to California and pursue a new opportunity. It's only been about a month since I've moved... and it feels like time has slowed down. When I was reminiscing about these photos and my final night in Boston, it felt like it happened about a year ago. I guess when you're meeting so many new people and learning/experiencing so many new things, time can slow down... which is good when you enjoy what you're doing. I'm sure that I'll eventually settle into some sort of routine (will start cooking food for myself again) and time will start flying by... but I'm definitely going to enjoy myself and make the most of this new life. Cheers!

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