Kenting Market - "Massage Time"

Wherever I go in Asia, there seems to be an extraordinary amount of massage parlors (feet, back, neck, etc). Kenting was no exception. One of the creepier things I saw is featured in the top photo. There were several older guys (down a dark alley) sitting next to Hello Kitty chairs... and apparently waiting for customers to come by for a massage. I have no idea what the sign above them means... but I definitely did not want whatever it was that they were selling!

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  1. Came across this and just had to comment, not sure how old this entry is. The sign above in the picture has the price of services plus the name of the business, Yuan Yuan Blind Massage. These older guys that you thought of as creepy are actually just a marginalized part of society trying to make their living and provide a service.

    I've had a blind massage at Taiwan Airport before and their skill was impeccable.