The Colonial City of Granada

Granada is a city in western Nicaragua. It has a rich history and is perhaps the most important city, politically and economically. Granada is located on the edge of Lake Nicaragua, which has some scary freshwater sharks (didn't see any people swimming in the lake).

When I first visited Nicaragua several years ago, I wasn't that impressed with Granada. It didn't seem to have much life to it... and when I came back a second time, I wasn't planning to visit the city. However, my body needed to rest from the non-stop surfing (and my mom wanted to visit a market to buy some toursity stuff)... so we decided to make a stop. I was very impressed! The city has come back to life. Apparently, it is in the midst of a "real estate boom". There were a lot of new cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and beautiful hotels. It reminded a bit of the transformation that Todos Santos, Mexico went through over the last several years. What I liked most about Granada is that even with all the renovations, they managed  to preserve the colonial architecture.

These were a few photos I took while strolling around in the afternoon sun (I didn't make it too far before needing a cold Toña).

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