Morocco - "The Surf"

The famous "Anchor Point" in Tagazhout. Surfer in the midst of a cutback.
Morocco has some of the best right hand point breaks in the world (water also stays relatively warm year round)... and in Taghazout, several of these point breaks happen to be located within a 5 mile radius of each other. They need a bit of a swell to break well, but if you stay there for at least a week during January or February, you're guaranteed at least a couple sessions at one of these spots. Recommend staying at Surf Maroc if you want to stay in a good location, have comfortable accommodations, eat great food, and be right next to the surf!

When I visited Morocco, the locals were complaining about the surf being "small"... but we still managed to surf head high+ waves the entire trip. I have to credit our surf guides Simo & Jo for finding us these waves. It wouldn't have been the same without them. Thank you!!
Also want to thank the gracious hosts at Surf Maroc!

View of Anchor Point from the car lot.

Chilling out on the rocks in Taghazout.

In Morocco, body boarders are respected the same as surfers. The doesn't seem to be any animosity between the two. Here we have a body boarder from Ireland (Chris) taking off deeper than everyone else at Anchors.

Waiting to make "the jump" at Anchors (timing is everything). Before I paddled out for my frist session, we saw someone that didn't time the jump too well... and was covered in blood. Not the most motivating thing to see before my first session.

The wave at Tifnit... one of my favorite spots in Morocco (not to be confused with Tiznit or Tinfit).

The "Trestles Wave"?

Looking down at Killers... epic. It was cool to see the swell lines form a boomerang shape as they hit the reef. I didn't get a chance to surf Killers, but it looked like it had great potential.

Just around the corner from Taghazout is a beach break called Tamri. This was a really interesting spot... because the wind could be blowing fully onshore at all the breaks in Tagazhout and still be offshore in Tamri. The beach break might look perfect in this picture, but it was challenging if you were surfing it for the first time... sandbars were constantly shifting and conditions were constantly changing (I just did what the locals did).

Looking down the beach at Tamri. 

This photo was taken on the way to the reef break at Tifnit. If you didn't feel like walking, you could take the donkey for 10 dirham (1 USD).

One of the surf mobiles. It was deceptively large inside the car.

Local fisherman at Tiftin.

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