Morocco - "The Sand"

The seaside town of Tifnit (one of the favorite spots I visited).
Morocco is a very beautiful country with a unique culture and interesting landscape. When I visited, I spent the majority of my time close to the town of Agadir. The climate in this region is very dry and desert-like (If you go a bit further south, you will be in the Western Sahara). These are a few pictures I took from the beaches around Agadir. I loved the washed out colors of the buildings and the bright/blue contrast of the ocean.

Sand Dunes at another deserted beach.

Loved the washed out colors of the homes mixed with the desert sands.

Cool color combination.

Can I get some flare?

Another charming seaside village on sand dunes.


The fleet of fishing boats at Tifnit

Loved the doors on the buildings in Morocco. Seemed like every house had a unique entry.

Making the trek to the reef break at Tifnit.

Could I get some building with my satellite TV? (only about 5 of the 500 channels were in English) I stayed in one of these apartments featured on the right.

Flying from Casablanca to Agadir... Atlas mountains in the background.

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