Morocco - "The Ruins"

During my trip to Morocco, there was a bit of "social unrest" with the locals. A lot of people had built homes illegally over the last several years... and the government finally decided to take action and start knocking them down. It's my understanding that (in the past) there was an unwritten agreement between the people and the government stating that if someone owned land, submitted for approval to build, and did not hear back in 2 months and 1 day... they were allowed to build. Apparently, that's no longer the case. Even if the people own the land, they cannot build without specific approval from the government. It was quite a scene seeing bulldozers and cranes destroy concrete structures and leave skeletons in their place. The police and military were out in full effect to make sure no one rioted.

Nonetheless, with all deconstruction comes art. A lot of the destroyed buildings have been taken over by graffiti artists bringing new life to them. Below are some photos I took of the aftermath.

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