Hong Kong International Airport "pre-dawn"

Looking down one of the never ending hallways (they use trains to transport people around).
For some reason, the airport in Hong Kong really intrigues me. Yes, I enjoy hanging out in airports (which I admit is rather weird)... however, it's usually for other reasons such as meeting new/unique people, hanging out in bars, people watching, and just the fun of travel. The HKG airport is an experience in itself. This morning I arrived at HKG during the pre-dawn hours and decided to go for a walk around the airport with my camera (as I was waiting for my connection flight to Jakarta). Usually, the airport is packed with people... but at 4:30AM, it's kind of a ghost town. These are a few pictures I took. Enjoy!

Sometimes at 4:30AM, everything can look like a blur. Here a mother and daughter try to figure out what gate their connecting flight is at.
Yes, there are a lot of gates.
Which way?
Walking on ice.

BALLY behind bars. The airport at Hong Kong also doubles as a giant shopping mall for luxury goods.
Looking down "The Wing" corridor. One of Cathay Pacific's lounges is above and to the left. Cathay Pacific basically dominates this airport. They are one of my favorite airlines (great service, nice seats, and good food)... and since they're based in Hong Kong, every flight is an international flight.

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