A Windy Afternoon in Santa Cruz

As I was driving back from San Francisco, I decided to stop in Santa Cruz and go for a quick surf. Had I taken the time to think about the logistics, stopping in Santa Cruz was not ideal (since it's just an hour away from where I was staying)... would have made more sense to pick a half way point. Nonetheless, Santa Cruz has some incredible surf spots... and I thought I would check them out. Pictured in this photo is Natural Bridges State Park. This surf spot is great during a big NW swell... but on this particular day (with a dying SW swell), it was not breaking. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful beach and is a great place to watch the sunset.

If you notice in the background, there was a big fog bank just off the coast. It kind of felt like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. I kept expecting the Black Pearl to emerge from the fog. 

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