HONK! Festival of Activist Street Bands

Every year during the month of October, Cambridge has a big festival in Harvard Square. The festival starts with the HONK! parade. "Activist street bands" from around the USA march from Davis Square to Harvard Square. It's definitely one of the most interesting spectacles of the year. Cambridge already has some pretty unique people living there (they don't really need an excuse to dress up in costumes and cause a scene)... however, when you actually encourage the behavior it makes for an interesting site. I took some pictures of the parade. Enjoy!

Fearless band leader...

 The start of the HONK! Parade. The organizers and guests of honor are up at the front.


 #occupyboston seemed to be a rather popular theme.

Some awesome bikes in the parade! 

Bad-ass band leader. 

The "free Tibet" band. 

 Marching to a different beat.

This woman was pretty awesome. She was quite the umbrella twirler. 

Watching people watch people. Yes, Harvard got a bit crowded.

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