The Fanciest Parking Lot in the World!! (nighttime)

Recently, I posted an image of this insane parking lot here. However, it was a daytime shot... thought I would go back at night and get an even more dramatic image. This night I found out that the parking lot actually has "bouncers"... because I got "shooed away" by some giant guy (3 times my size) when I tried to climb to the top (I think a wedding was going on at the top floor?).

To recap... this parking lot in Miami is something to admire. It has a price tag of $65 million dollars and has attracted the attention of people from around the world. Located at the end of a posh shopping area in South Beach (Lincoln Rd), it features vaulted ceilings, beautiful panoramic views of the city, and a high end boutique. It's been used for art exhibits, weddings, wine tasting events, yoga classes.... and even parking cars.

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