Movember X 2011 NB Mustache Contest

The 4th annual NB Mustache contest took place yesterday (this year we integrated with Movember). There were quite a few spectacular mustaches on showing! I would like to thank everyone that participated. It was a fun contest yet again! Here are some highlights from the event.

The contest started off by awarding the lifetime achievement award to Ravi Shankavaran. (who has had a mustache for over 30 years!!). Below is a quick video tribute honoring the man. Congrats Ravi!!

Next, we had our mustache contestants do a cat walk in front of the esteemed judges... below are the results.

Award winners for the Brighton Office 
Best overall (also won the "stache-off" with the best overall winner from Lawrence): 
No thrills... just mustache. He fully committed to the mustache for the length of the contest.

Most Creative:


Worst (which I actually won... I know I didn't have the worst mustache this year. BAD JUDGING!!)
I'm a "French person"
Award winners for Lawrence office
Best overall (lost in a "stache-off" with the best overall from Brighton office):


Most Creative:


Here are a few absentee ballots from people that couldn't make the contest... I think both of these people had a running for best overall stache if they were in the office (difficult for judges to give an award to someone when they can't touch/feel the stache)
Yes, this was done by a professional photographer. 

Submissions from UK Office.

Some additional pictures from the day of the contest are below.

Contender for next years "lifetime achievement award"

I think what won the contest for Bryan was: "I coached children's soccer with this!"

VERY content with his mustache...
Actually looks like his mustache from last year...

Waiting for the judges to call us inside. 
The judges carefully deliberating...

In the midst of a "stache-off"... the Brighton office hasn't lost yet.
Parading through the cafeteria.
Some pictures from pre-contest... the "growth stage":

And finally... the awards that everyone was fighting for:

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