Love is "Kuhl" (pronounced: cool)

When an old friend of mine from Chicago (now living in Boston) told me that he was getting married, I was excited for him... and then when he told me his wedding would be in Miami during winter, I was excited for me! The wedding was beautiful, the trip was fun, and I'm exhausted (and a little broke... South Beach is not cheap). Here are some pictures I took of the wedding. Enjoy!

The wedding took place right on the beach in front of the Gansevoort Hotel.

A very tasteful opening song by a harp and violin players.

The groom (Dave) walking down "the aisle" with his parents.

The groomsmen (all Kuhl brothers)

Are you sure you want to do this???

The lovely bride walking with her father.

I do!

Kissing the bride

Lots of glassware!!

The first dance. 

Looks like a fairy tale image... like the 1 second exposure.

Dave and Sarah's "mega-chairs"

Dave with his mom.

Sarah with her dad.

Micah busting a move!!... moving too fast to capture a picture (Micah won the dancing contest at this wedding)

The pretty ladies.

Me after several glasses of wine and a few cocktails (facial hair starting to fill in for "Movember" mustache contest) 

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