Peru - "The Surf" - The Cape

Just around the corner from Chicama is another amazing point break called "The Cape". The Cape will always be bigger than Chicama, but it is usually less powerful (and less crowded). Local fisherman claim that you can actually get a ride from the Cape all the way through Chicama... which would equal a ride of about 2.5 miles long. I didn't see this when I was there.

I liked having the boat driver take me to the Cape first, where I would catch my first "warm up wave"... and then drift over to Chicama to catch my second wave (which is just out of frame to the right). The only problem surfing at the Cape was the gigantic jellyfish floating around.

If you look out into the distance, you can see a little stump of an island. There is actually another point break off that island, but no one seems to surf it.

(recommend clicking on the photos to see them in full size)

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