Peru - "The Surf" - Pacasmayo

In disbelief that we have the entire place to ourselves.
Everyone I've spoken with claims that Chicama is the longest left hand point break in the world... however, some locals informed me that you can actually get a longer ride at Pacasmayo (which is a 45 drive up the coast from Chicama). It is RIDICULOUS that one country can have so many epic waves within a short distance.

One of the guests staying at Chicama Surf resort had the brilliant idea to organize a small dawn patrol mission to Pacasmayo. I was lucky enough to be included in the group and had an awesome time hanging out with them. The great thing about Pacasmayo is that it will always be about twice the size of Chicama... and on this particular day, the surf was 6-10ft. We had it all to ourselves for over 2 hours (unfortunately, there was no boat). Pacasmayo is a lot thicker and more powerful than Chicama. Also, the paddle out is a bit "sketchy"... you have to paddle through an area of jagged rocks to get to the point. When we first arrived, the tide was high... so most of the rocks were covered by a thin layer of water. It wasn't until later in the afternoon (on a lower tide) that we realized how lucky we were not to ding our boards or heads as we paddled out.

The cool thing about catching a wave at Pacasmayo is that when you're on the wave, it feels like you're going further out to sea. The wave just goes forever. I actually got longer rides here than Chicama.

(recommend clicking on the photos to see them in full size)
I couldn't capture the entire length of the wave with my standard lens. The wave starts behind the lighthouse and finishes to the left of my frame.

This guy offered surfers rides from the town (where the wave ended) to the top of the point. 
Talk about a sweet parking spot (our surf mobile is featured above) 

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