Peru - "The Surf" - Chicama

View from Chicama Surf patio. This was the view I had every afternoon after 3 hours of surfing in the morning.
Had feet torn up by reef, gave myself 2 black eyes when surfboard hit me on separate occasions (same eye), got stung in the face by a jellyfish, body is exhausted, face is sunburn, missed flight connection in Lima (was stuck there for 10 hours)... if I stopped there, it might seem like my holiday to Peru was a disaster. However, it was actually one of the best surf trips I've ever been on. I stayed at a resort on Peru's Northwest coast called Chicama Surf. This resort is situated right above the longest left hand point break in the world- Chicama. The general rule of thumb for Chicama is that the bigger the wave, the longer the ride. When I was there, you could get rides over a half mile long on the sets (with an occasional barrel on the takeoff or on the inside)... locals claim to have ridden waves over 1.5 miles long.

It's funny how great waves, great food, and a friendly atmosphere can make you forget any problems you might have had.

The resort at Chicama was very nice... friendly service, good food, and comfortable lodging. Since the wave was so long, they actually had a boat in the water that would pick you up after each ride (and take you back to the point). The first day I was there, I was anti-boat (thought it was cheating). However, the current was very strong and the walk was very long... therefore, I succumb to temptations after the first day and started using the boat. This might be one of the first trips where my legs got as much of a workout as my arms.

Another thing you'll notice from the photos is an absence of people in the water. Regardless of how famous Chicama is (within the surfing community), not many people make the journey down there. On the smallest day of the trip, it got a little crowded (happened to be a Brazilian holiday)... but nothing too bad. The wave is so long that it helps spread the crowd out.

(recommend clicking on the photos to view in full size)
Looking at Chicama from one of the 2nd floor balconies at Chicama Surf.

The guy walking below didn't use the boat... over a half mile walk to the point.
As you can see by the lines of white water, the wave peeled forever.