The Chinese Restaurant - "Eating Zoo"

For those that have never been to a real Chinese restaurant (in China), the best way to describe it is as an "Eating Zoo". Chinese people like food to be as fresh as possible... and in order to guarantee that the food is fresh, they like to see it alive before it's cooked. Therefore, if you're ever in China and want to see live animals, just go to the nearest non-western restaurant. All of the animals will be on display for your viewing (and eating) pleasure.

These particular photos are from the "aquarium" portion of the restaurant. There were all sorts of marine creatures on display: giant fish, exotic fish, octopus, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, alligators, salmon, snapper, snails, etc..
(bonus video at the bottom showing a giant fish that was cut in half... the beating heart you see is proof that it's fresh and ready to eat!!)

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