The "Party Pier" in Guangzhou

One nice area I've discovered in Guangzhou is called the "Party Pier". From what I gathered, this area used to be an industrial shipping yard (you can see the remnants of this past life as you walk on the boardwalk). It's been transformed into an area with modern architecture, nice restaurants, and trendy/stylish bars. You can come here for dinner, party at one of the small clubs, or just relax on one of the outdoor patios and enjoy the view. I've only eaten at a couple of the places... but my favorite is a spicy sichuan restaurant called Ami's Inn (warning: the peppers in this type of food cause your mouth to go numb). There is also an International Beer Museum that I hope to go to one day... and apparently there is a Mexican restaurant that is supposed to be not awful.

These are a few photos I took after dinner one night.

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