Bali Evenings

Every weekend the villagers from Canggu gather on the beach to enjoy the last moments of the day and watch the sunset together. There are street vendors (with AMAZING grilled corn), families, super competitive soccer games (if the tide is low enough), teenagers, lovers, pets, and just about anyone you can think of (including tourists like me). The hour before the sun goes down is the best time of day in Bali... the temperature cools down, the sand becomes tolerable to walk on, and the sunsets are worth the cost of a plane flight. I thought the first picture was a good representation of the crowd. The stone steps act as the stadium while the ocean and nature put on a show.

The other pictures in this set are of a fishing village further down the beach. The fisherman head out on the boats after dinner... and they stay out all night (or until they catch enough fish). If you're ever in Bali and wonder what all of those lights are in the middle of the ocean at night, it's these little boats. Also, if you wake up early enough in the morning, you can see all of the boats coming in. It's a pretty cool site... and if you help the boat drivers come in, you might score some super fresh seafood.

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