Playa Encuentro - "The Left"

Just in front of the resort I stayed at in the Dominican Republic was Playa Encuentro. Playa Encuentro is a beautiful and quiet beach on the northern coast of the island... and it just happens to have one of the  best waves in the Dominican. Most people I spoke with referred to it as "The Left". There was another wave further down the beach referred to as "The Right" (They're not very creative with wave names in the Dominican). The wave starts with a steep/hollow takeoff and is followed a fast/long wall. On the best sets, you could get rides up to 200m long. The bottom seemed to be a mixture of sharp coral and rocks (which I was lucky enough to not come into contact with even though I had some pretty epic wipe outs). This was definitely one of the most fun waves I've surfed in a long time!... and this is how I spent my Thanksgiving (have much to be grateful for!)

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