My Fijian Adventure - "Island Life"

This gives a whole new meaning to "taking the bus to school"
One day while staying in Fiji, we decided to hire a boat and go to one of the local villages: Shell Village. My mom wanted to do some shopping and I thought it would be cool to check out the local culture. When we got to the village, school had just gotten out... and instead of waiting for the bus to take them home, the children were waiting for a boat to take them home. I thought that was pretty rad! Imagine going to school on the beach... and being barefoot in the classroom! Everyone I met in the village was super friendly, had great smiles, and made me appreciate the warm Polynesian culture. The craftsmanship on the local goods was also very nice... especially the wood carvings.

barefoot classrooms 
A local craftsman hard at work... Fiji has some amazing wood carvings.
Kids being kids
These flowers were everywhere... actually got kind of sick of them after a while


  1. I believe you're the happiest man! Wish I could go there! Amazing!

    1. Thank you Stanislava! It was a very beautiful place.