My Fijian Adventure - Plantation Island Golf Course

The best (and only) golf course on Malolo Lailai: Plantation Island Golf Course. What the golf course lacks in maintenance, it makes up for with breathtaking views like this. I went to play a round of golf with my father and the cost was only 28 FJD (equivalent of 15 USD)... the rate even included clubs, a cart, and balls (which you had to pay for if you lost... only lost 1!). We thought that we might need to make reservations to play, but we were actually the only ones on the course. I was rather shocked... but after walking to the first hole and looking at the non-existant fairway, I realized why we were the only people. Nonetheless, you can't beat a $15 round of golf on a ocean front golf course. 

Is that a green or the rough?
Going for triple bogey in some great golf shoes

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