My Fijian Adventure - Surf Transfers

One of the daily adventures in Fiji was trying to hire a boat to take me out to the outer reefs. Since I was the only surfer in my group (parents don't surf), I had to find others to share the boat with me (the boat drivers didn't want to do solo trips unless you paid double). It wasn't too difficult to find others since there were a lot of Aussie surfers at the resort. However, all of the boats were on "Fiji time"... which meant that you needed to reserve a time 30-60 minutes before you actually wanted to go out. After the first couple days, I figured out the schedule and it wasn't much of a problem. The boat drivers were very friendly (had the warm polynesian hospitality)... they took us wherever wanted to go and stayed out as long as we wanted to stay out. They also had a lot of local knowledge and knew which break would be the best at any given moment. It was definitely worth the money!

Here you see a surfer coming back from one of the surf transfers at low tide. 

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